Covertix’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent Data Leakage, Anywhere

In today’s fluid business environment, files containing confidential information must travel outside of the organization on employee devices, stored in the cloud and shared with partners. It is no longer an option to protect just the perimeter of the organization, since information must travel outside of the network. Collaboration with third parties, workforce mobility and cloud computing contribute to this change and organizations need to ensure their data is protected, never misused and accessed only by the right people. Today most organizations do not  know where their files are, whether they’ve been accessed, by whom and under what circumstances

Our proprietary technology is focused on putting every possible barrier and control in place to monitor & protect businesses against data leaks no matter how the information is shared, stored or saved.

Protect the Data – At All Times

Monitor, trace and protect any type of file on any type of platform without worry about data-loss. Our SmartCipher solutions offer enterprise-level security to gain full visibility into who as accessed or interacted with your sensitive information. Share confidential data securely with teams, partners and customers while maintaining the ability to revoke access at any time  – no matter where the files are located: Security is directly embedded into your files, so it travels with your data. Integrate & extend existing data loss prevention solutions by embedding the company’s policy into any of the files to protect the confidential data before it leaves the protected network.

COVERTIX DLP Key Benefits:

  • Monitor & protect files without affecting business continuity
  • File & platform agnostic
  • Monitor where a file goes, who accesses it, and where it is used outside of the organization
  • Revoke access to confidential files when business relationships change