Covertix Solution for SharePoint & Citrix

Covertix protects sensitive information stored across corporate environments and is specially tuned to increase security within SharePoint & Citrix infrastructure.

Covertix has developed advanced modules for organizations using file systems such as Citrix and SharePoint. Custom-tailored file protection takes into account the file structure and access points, as well as the storage methodologies of these technologies to provide comprehensive protection for files that are not necessarily stored in conventional file formats.
Covertix’s solution for Microsoft SharePoint provides:

  • Native SharePoint add-on with no external interface.
  • Transparent check-in and check-out processes.
  • Full functionality according to rules and permissions.

The Citrix virtual machine solution enables enterprise users to access files through a virtual machine. The Covertix add-on for Citrix is a XenApp client running on the virtual machine. When a user attempts to access a protected file, the file triggers the Covertix rule set, and the XenApp client performs the appropriate verification and authentication. The file can be opened only if the Citrix user has the appropriate authorizations.

  • Files secured inside and outside the organization
  • Simple Citrix generic add-on (no need to install the Covertix client)
  • Ability to view and edit files
  • Any device access