Covertix for HIPAA Compliance

The need to share and collaborate on every type of data is central to healthcare providers and life sciences organizations who constantly deal with different data types such as health records and personal information, lab results, image scans, manuscripts and protocols, documented clinical trial results, sales projections, medical devices designs and so on. With the parallel rise of healthcare compliant laws and the use of mobile devices and tablets, healthcare organizations must make sure they take the right measures to protect their sensitive data. Neglecting to do so could cost millions of dollars in fines or lawsuits, significant loss of competitive advantage and research investment.

The Need for Data Centric Security

Clearly, the need for data security has grown as the proliferation of electronic patient data grows. High-quality care today requires healthcare organizations to meet the accelerated demand for data; yet, they must ensure HIPAA compliance and protect PHI.

Covertix’s data centric solution discovers and protects patient data in all forms, including structured and unstructured data, emails, documents, and scans, while allowing healthcare providers to share data securely and ensure the best possible patient care.

A Data-Centric Solution for the Healthcare Eco-System 

Covertix SmartCipher solutions are ideal for demonstrating HIPAA and HITECH compliance, even as users collaborate and work with their files inside the organization or outside of it. In addition to delivering a HIPAA compliant data sharing and collaborations solution, Covertix also ensures that organizations avoid the crippling fines associated with PHI data loss. The unique data-centric solution means that lost PHI files never get accessed, full audit logs can be produced and a peace of mind realized with HIPAA and HITECH compliance.