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Learn How To Control Your Files With Internal & External Parties 


Monitor, Control and Protect Files Containing Sensitive Content, Anywhere The Data 



In today‚Äôs dynamic business environment it is no longer an option to protect just the perimeters of an organization, since information is shared with many people outside of the inside protected environment. Collaboration with external parties, workforce mobility and cloud computing contribute to this change. Whether it's with trusted partners, remote employees, legal parties, vendors, clients, etc. or due to security breaches, massive volumes of confidential information are leaving the organization every day.  

If your organization is concerned with compliance regulation, corporate espionage, cyber threats, loss of IP or just human error, this is a short webinar for you to watch. 


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Benefits to the organization: 

  • Control your files without changing existing platforms

  • Transparent experience for the end user

  • Zero workflow interruptions

  • Control the data within the file

  • Sticky Copy transparently moves existing policy from one file to the next when the data is copied.