Covertix Webinar

Learn How To Seamlessly Control Corporate Files, Without Changing End Users Behavior


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Organizations have come to realize the some corporate files need to be monitored, controlled and protected at all times.  Our webinar explains how our SmartCipher solutions seamlessly and transparently protect any type of file - without changing user behaviors or existing business processes. The organization continues to use existing file sharing, collaboration or cloud storage solutions while Covertix's SmartCipher solution protects the sensitive data found at the file level. 

If your organization is concerned with compliance regulation, corporate espionage, cyber threats, loss of IP or just human error, this is a short webinar for you to watch. 


Viewers of this webinar will learn:  

    • How to easily create IT policy for users.
    • Transparent implementation and zero workflow interruption to users.
    • Protect confidential information when working with external collaborators.
    • Control files stored in Dropbox (or anywhere in the cloud) from unauthorized viewers and unauthorized actions.
    • Limit actions like copy/paste/print/save any version of the file. 



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