Covertix Webinar

Watch how SmartCipher can control confidential information with internal & external parties


View a brief demo to learn more about Covertix's SmartCipher solutions. 

See how SmartCipher is helping organizations stay in control over their information: 

  • Control & protect  confidential information while the files are in motion or at rest (anywhere).

  • Monitor and track file usage - no matter where the files travel.

  • Protection is transparent to end users

  • Change polices and enforce new rules immediately–even if a file has already left the organization or has been stored in the cloud.

  • Revoke access to files at any time

  • Encryption is based on AES and X509 technologies


SmartCipher embeds the organizations' policy into the file, ensuring the data stays protected no matter where it travels. Organizations can define the permissions on any file based on specific individuals, companies, locations, times and days, and ranges of IP addresses.


Click here to watch this free demo video